Cully Association of Neighbors General Meeting, January 9, 2018, Grace Presbyterian Church, 6025 NE Prescott, 7 – 9 PM


Board Members Present: Laura Young, Rich Gunderson, Mac McKinlay, David Sweet, Stephanie Neely, Oscar Moreno Gilson, Jake Antles, and Josh Neumann,

Welcome and Introductions:  Members were welcomed and board introduced themselves.

Additional Agenda Items: none

Approval of Agenda:  Josh Neumann moved to accept the agenda, second by Marilee Dea. Motion carried.

Community Bonds:  Jake – 2.5 minutes to share either your own experience of an emergency or a family members.

Announcements from the floor:

Pastor Carol – Luther memorial church – Andy McDermy – had some health issues during the summer that has made it more difficult to make it to the meetings. He sends his regards.

Star – Cully Tree team working on a grant to replace the Birch trees that are dead and dying on the Cully cycle track. Homeowners are not able to financially replace. Urban Foresty Stewardship Fund has granted half the amount, here to garner support for the rest of the amount. Needs a 501(c)3 sponsorship and is asking CAN for the sponsorship. Star will ask the board at the next meeting.

PSAC – no more meetings.

Earthquake Preparedness:  Presented by Alice Busch, EMT, Multnomah County Emergency Management Operations Chief.

Our current infrastructure is very old and our capacity in hospitals, police and fire is reaching their maximums. Resiliency Factors are: access to information and education, physical health, psychological hardiness, community connectedness. Drinking more water, exercising, getting more sleep and eating closer to a plant based diet will increase your disaster resilience. Cascadia Subduction Zone; estimated 9.1 earthquake to hit but at an unknown time. Generally, the further East you move, the less of an impact this earthquake will have. A copy of the slideshow Alice showed will be posted on CAN website. Fires and the inability for fire trucks to travel roads will be the cause of large scale damage and destruction. To increase your changes for survival get to know your neighbors. Most of our bridges have many points of failure and are not seismically sound. Exceptions are Tillikum Crossing, Saint Johns, and Sellwood will remain standing but the on-off ramps will not stay in tact.  Make A Plan – what will be your role in this disaster? Who do you want to be? Personalize your emergency kit to your strengths and the role you want to play. Put water everywhere. Starvation is less of a risk than access to clean water and diseases that come along with lack of sanitation. Prep Oregon – a group that educates the public on how to prepare for disasters. Local beacon site is Rigler.

Preparing for Earthquake with 72 Hour Emergency Bag: Presented by Marissa Bevington, Red Cross volunteer & NET neighborhood emergency team leader.

The best thing to do is to think about what you are going to do if a disaster strikes. Included in her kit: hand crank radio/flashlight/charger, copies of your important documents, first aid kit, baby wipes, toilet paper, buckets (collapsible), comfort bags (shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, water (1gl/person/day), can opener, face mask, gloves, batteries, family contact information, pet food, cash, multi-purpose tool (flat bar, nail bar, pry bar), plastic bags and tarps, glow sticks, entertainment (cards, books, etc), non-sparking tool to turn off gas (only turn it off if you see it, hear it or smell it)

Acceptance of General Meeting Minutes taken December 12, 2017:  Josh Neumann moved to accept the minutes with one edit from the December 12, 2017 general meeting, second by Rich Gunderson.  Motion carried.

CNN report:  Large amount of pedestrian deaths, wear something to make yourself more visible.

Transportation report: Meeting Tuesday the 16th at the Cully Grove Common house, 7pm will be hearing a report from PBOT on a number of projects in Cully and what you can expect to see in the next couple years on the sidewalks and bike infrastructure. 25 MPH signs have been put up on 42nd Ave.

Old Business:

Cully Clean Up meeting Thursday January 11, 2018 – we still need to decide whether or not we will be able to do it this year. It is our best fundraiser and it is a large event.

Minutes of September meeting, board voted in opposition to the controlled descent and expansion with the airport and the Chair was going to write a letter. Has the letter been written? Yes, a letter has been written, more details can be given after the meeting.

It’s up to the community to voice concern about this issue.

Adjournment: Carol Emmans moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Laura Young.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.