Trinity Lutheran Church came to thank the community for their response in helping Trinity Lutheran clean up from the tagging they received the morning of the Cully Cleanup.  On Saturday July 8th, 11 am to 3 pm they will host CULLY STAND TOGETHER: The multicultural Cully community comes together to show its strength.  There will be food, performances and fun for kids Food Bank – will take garden produce NE Emergency Food Program 4800 72nd and NE Wygant.  Always accepting of clothing too.  Tues, Thurs and Sat 9 am – noon for donation drop off.
5855 NE Prescott:  once police receive the search warrant from the court, the lot will be cleaned up and a fence will be installed. 
Jeff Merkeley is looking for kayaking/canoe enthusiasts to gather in the Willamette – event to be announced.
Yard Tree Giveaway :  If you are interested  in obtaining a big tree, not the little ones typically located along the street, registration will happen in July.  Contact Bruce Nelson if you are interested.
 Cully Farmers Market has opened  – Thursdays from 4 pm to 8 pm through September;  live music, pie back off, zucchini car race, hot food, affordability programs.  Contact Jessica at the market info booth for more information.
Movies in the Park at Khunamokwst  will be on Wednesday August 23rd.  Pre movie entertainment begins at 6:30, movie, original Ghostbusters  at dusk.  Movie will have subtitles in Spanish.
 Rigler School’s annual carnival was super successful, thanks for the mini grant.  Kindergarten sign up ends tomorrow. Brother of the younger man who died at the transit center was the brother of one of Riglers teachers.  Can tie a ribbon on the fence at the community garden at Rigler.  The school is doing well with most of the teachers returning next year:  two are retiring and two, who commute from Hillsboro are not returning.
Cully Air Action  Team, Neighbors for Clean Air and PSU are coordinating four ambient metals air monitors being installed in Cully.  A BLue Smoke filtering device is to be installed at Porter Yett.  Full information on that can be found at:
For anyone interested in joining/ working with CAAT, the Cully Air Action Team, contact