Meeting begins at 6:02 pm. Josh, Annette, Mac, Marilee, Stephanie, Isha, David, Claire present.
● Outcome of discussion at general meeting and at TLC meeting
o David
▪ Isha captured all comments at the TLC meeting, hearing people’s concerns; group is already
▪ Concern that the community organizations that are in charge of this all stand to gain materially from this project. Transparency and self-dealing concerns.
▪ Will submit a 200k request to Prosper Portland for funding for our exploration of a TIF district over the next year. Will hire (1) full time person to do research and set agenda; PT facilitator to facilitate a leadership group to go through process of making decisions. Will pay stipends to people to canvas and collect feedback. Pay for space to set up meetings, refreshments, etc.
▪ Full group will meet next Tuesday morning to try to ratify this commitment.
● Annette – what is the makeup of this group? David – email list including Terren/Steve from Habitat; Cameron from Living Cully; Carol/Vivian/Jess; Tony absent; Oscar/Sky frome NAYA; Erin from CBA; Michael/Laura/board members from Our 42nd; Ernesto and Rose from Hacienda; Josh/Isha/David/Jake from CAN
● Portland Housing Bureau – Shannon is reticent to give up control; Said the community should decide in bold strokes what you want, specific places where you want to see multifamily housing developed, built; process of putting together a package to develop affordable housing is complicated; wading through various layers of what will work or not; does not want to set a precedent of letting go of the affordable housing budget, but will work on this project with us.
o Community needs to make sure that we are meeting our anti-displacement goals
o Do we want to work on homeowner stabilization? Over 60% of Cully is homeowners, have a lot of low-income home owners who can get some help through housing bureau/habitat, etc.
o If affordable housing would be made, NAYA, Reach, Hacienda, PCRI, etc would be the owners.
o TIF money would be part of the equation but federal funding, grants etc would supplement.
o Mac – long term you want to set it up so you don’t temp people with corruption.
General Meeting Topics
● February: Senator Dembrow (Sen); Tawna Sanchez (Rep); Barbara Smith-Warner (Rep)
o Stephanie/David will not be able to attend.
● March: Mayor will have 1hr
o Topic? Have not created a specific topic yet but open to asking him specific topics.
● April:
o Election: 30 min
▪ Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, (3) At-Large (Isha/Annette/David seats);
▪ Rich is at-large and does not want to be part of board again, but his seat is not up
o Cully Clean-Up
● May: Commissioner Eudaly
o Hardesty? Suk Re: David will talk with her.
▪ Annette: Possible compatibility with Hardesty is someone from the county can speak about DRC (Disaster Relief Centers) that would be neighborhood epicenters
● Potential general meeting topics:
o Delphina’s Bakery (Jane Doe): What is happening? Bolt is already in there. Carolyn (owner) might want to talk about it/women-owned small businesses
o Gabe: Outreach worker for St. Charles: Oak Leaf
o Residential Infill will be coming to council for a vote this summer (June?)
o EMSWCD presenter is not available for this meeting but can be available for a future month. (April/May/June?)
▪ Metro has educational pieces around toxic cleaners/body products that could complement this.
o Broadmoor Golf Course – Park extension
o Tire fire: Marilee: Alice is doing a study on what happened and what the toxicity, w
Newsletter License Request
o Mac has someone that might be able to do his job but there is some editorial management that the job requires.
o Lynette: What should be the cover story?
o We need to find someone that really wants to do this.
o Justin Ossel – Graphic Designer
o Approval for $21/mo fee for the program for this person
▪ Isha/David support
o Michael de Marco has offered to meet with Morel Ink to discuss newsletter
▪ Involve Marissa (Beeswing owner)
Warming Shelter Presentation
o Ainsworth United Church of Christ has a HIV Day Center; want to put up a shelter for people who use the day center
o Want volunteers to operate/ people on the steering committee
o E-blast to give to Greg
o Isha: Kaiser Permanente has a community benefit program; Isha as an employee can help broker funding for them/ healthcare volunteers
Succession Planning
▪ Positions available:
o Chair (Laura): It is not clear if this position is open
o Vice Chair (Mac): Resigning
▪ Mac has the role of planning programming; not associated with vice chair but it will be open
o Secretary (Claire): Claire Running
o Treasurer (Stephanie): Stephanie running if able
o (1) At-Large (Isha): Isha Running
o (1) At-Large (Annette): Annette Running
▪ Needs to understand the direction of the board
o (1) At-Large (David’s seat): David Running
● Positions remaining
▪ Josh’s position stays (unless changing positions)
▪ Rich’s position stays
● Board direction
o David: advocacy especially linking with city hall and organizations in the neighborhood can speak with a single voice; less car-dependent, sustainable neighborhood
o Isha: process of who the board brings in / content that the board brings in
● Possible Candidates
o Jake – Isha follow up
o Denny self-nominated but may have other obligations
o Greg Sotir – Isha follow up
o CeCe (NEFP) – Annette follow up
o Susanne Raymond (Columbia Slough Watershed Council)
Cully Cleanup
▪ Date: May 4th
▪ Need to find people to organize
▪ Reaching out to the church: Speak to Mark, he is the outreach person. Ruth is secretary but hard to contact.
▪ Normally we pay an organizer $500 to lead this cleanup. Josh does not need to be the person who is paid, or the person in charge, but will lead it without pay because he wants it to happen.
Moves to adjourn. Stephanie Seconds. Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm.
Action Items
David: Contact Joann / Suk
Isha: EMSWCD for April/May/June; follow up with Jake about board; follow up with Greg about board
Annette: Metro speaker; ending loopholes in Tire Storage that caused the tire fire; Reach out to Cece about board
Mac/Marissa/Claire: Meet with Michael de Marco about newsletter negotiations
Marilee/Claire: Meet with Palette 42 Owner
Mac: Send e-blast about volunteer opportunities at Ainsworth Church of Christ
Marilee: Tire Fire Update speaker for April/May/June
Josh: Reaching out to Laura about what it means to be chair & intentions to run; Reach out to Church about cully cleanup
Annette: meet with board members who want to talk about direction of the board
Marilee & Mac: Meet with Fernando Madrid