Welcome and Introductions
Meeting begins at 6:07pm

Mac McKinlay
Rich Gunderson
Claire Alyea
Laura Young
David Sweet
Isha Leinow
Josh Heumann
Annette Pronk

Agenda Topics
January General Meeting Topics
Durable Goods at General Meetings
Interpretation Service
Laura H. Leaving PSAC
Letter of Support for Arbor Mobile Home Park for Cameron
Board Succession
Election Process
Topics for General Meetings
Newsletter Publisher

Public Comment Period/December General Meeting Topics
● No comments made.

● January 8 meeting topic – David Sweet powerpoint to present the topic. There will be a 1 page front back handout to explain it/introduce the idea.
● Will be a topic of discussion at the Transportation Land-Use Meeting
● Cully-controlled TIF district will be proposed.
● Had a meeting 8 days ago with the two NPIs and the 4 neighborhood partner groups.
● Separate signup sheet for people to sign up about updates
● Seed money for the exploration – $150k for consultant to help through technical aspects
● Potentially millions of dollars to be spent on affordable housing/ community development / giving priority to underserved groups
● Funding source will be
● Property taxes become frozen starting in 2020 or 2021 and any increase in taxes is frozen to be the increase
● When tax increment reaches a certain percentage the remainder is returned to
● Property taxes remain the same 3% a year as usual. This won’t change.
● A portion will go to Cully for us to use to create housing and jobs instead of going to other agencies in the city.
● After 5 years you can borrow money (issue bonds) from the city and borrow against the money that will be coming in.
● How will projects be decided? Decisions will hopefully be made by a board representing a community especially low income/POC community members and the 7 organizations involved in this project.
● Currently all housing projects go through the housing bureau and they get to decide

January General Meeting
● Invited Joann Hardesty to come either January or April, have not heard back.
● Josh has not heard back from Zef
● Marilee has been communicating with people from Neighbors to Neighbors
● Rich- asking that we hold off on inviting them to make a presentation but Denny and Rich wanting to make a presentation for what is appropriate for Cully to engage in. Wants to have a whole meeting on homeless issues next year.
● Isha and Laura – table breakout sessions where people can talk to each other about what they like/don’t like about
● Jess needs assistance doing community engagement
● Will make a title for the meeting that does not directly say TIF

Durable Goods
● Annette: Durable products for our meetings instead of creating paper waste.
● Mac – how do we clean the items and then bring them back to the meetings.
● Mac – prefers glass/china/metal silverware. Volunteers to wash it.
● Laura – china is heavy, but doesn’t like plastic either. Proposes recycled disposable containers. Prefers smaller plates.
● Josh – rice hull-type material that is durable but not quite plastic either.
● Isha – proposes $100 . Josh moves, Mac holds. 1 abstaining, all vote yes otherwise.

Interpretation Services
● It is never used. Our content is perhaps not drawing a diverse group.
● Annette – thinks that we have an obligation to be what we say we are being in regards to being an inclusive group. Thinks we should reach out to leaders of other, more diverse groups, about our meeting topics and so they can share our agenda with others and we can get more feedback from these groups this way. Advocates for more board outreach.
● David – thinks that providing interpretation service, child care, food, has not diversified our meetings. Thinks what it would take to diversify meetings would be providing meeting topics that address POC topics and low-income people. On the other hand, if we change our meeting topics, could lose our reliable attendees.
● Laura – agrees with Annette that our agendas are not attracting diverse populations. Our location might not be near pockets of more diverse communities in Cully. Ortiz center or PCC center as potential meeting spaces.
● Stephanie – likes the idea of co-hosting a meeting with Living Cully or the like
● Rich – Send the letter to these organizations asking for these representatives to come to our meetings we could give them time on our agenda. Talked with Tony DeFalco, we have to bring our meetings to more diverse populations if we want to
● David/Laura – the only time we had significant translation services needed
● Isha – Should we set a date that we plan on having a meeting at another place? August or similar? Laura agrees.
● Interpretation services – in the last year, used once. Requested by a presenter.
● Annette – finish out this year with translation, in the fall we will change our plan and
● Laura – motion that we continue interpretive services through the end of this FY when we break in June. Following an announcement in the newsletter, will offer by request starting in the fall of 2019. David Seconds. All in favor.

Laura Hallett Leaving Cully.
● Josh – she has done a lot for us, thinks we could propose a little gift. Likes flowers, certificate, thank you card, etc.
● Laura – an acknowledgement of service would be a good idea. Like a certificate of appreciation.
● Rich – thinks she helped us out. There are a lot of other people we have not recognized for other volunteers in the past. Mac – we could start now. Rich – thinks there would need to be procedures on who gets acknowledgement and who doesn’t.
● Annette – thinks it’s a good idea for simple guidelines of appreciation. Like the idea of a public acknowledgement.
● Stephanie – thinks plaques sound expensive, cards and certificates are not. There are a lot of volunteers that do a lot, and drawing a line about who gets recognition seems contentious.

Other Business

Letter of Support for Mobile Home Park
● Rich moved that we approve to send the letter that David has drafted, Annette seconds, all in favor to send.

Board Succession
● Keep an active shortlist of people that would be good to be in the board.
● Isha – talked to Jake. Since his job fell through he is interested in possibly rejoining.
● Rich – we only have one candidate per position in most cases. Wants to send a better eblast to get more candidates. Wants to have a slate of candidates.
● Stephanie – thinks we should work it into an agenda before April about the fact that we will need board replacements. Mac – like february, march meetings.
● David, Stephanie – advertise the board position in the March newsletter as an article.
● Board members write an article for the newsletter talking about our mission, goals, what we do. Also announce at the meetings that we are looking for people and if you have any nominations to make, let us know and we will reach out to them.
● Denny – Rigler representative Fernando is interested.

General Meeting Topics
● Commissioner Eudaly / Hardesty, Souk Ree. Not heard back.
● Denny – Potentially ask staff members instead of politicians?
● Annette – bring someone to tell about the New Years event. Stephanie thinks it fits into a Feburary agenda well since we don’t have a topic yet.
● Mayor will be here in March. 7:15 – 8:30.

Newsletter Printing
● Morel Ink costs 2x as much to print with them. $960 -> $1800. Mac thinks we could print with less colors, and perhaps to engage
● Action will be pursued about seeing if MorelInk can print with lower costs.

Ad Manager
● Denny – Need to find someone to help design ads / has newspaper or graphics background. Communicate with businesses.
● This position will require some overlap and guidance.

Trimet Response
● David received responses from Trimet meeting as a letter. WIll provide digital copies.
● Cully blvd shuttle to get people to Columbia / NAYA.

Grace Presbyterian – Homeless Impact on the Church
● Denny – reached out to Yvonne, board member of the church about disturbances. Has resources he will share.

Action Items
● David – Signup sheet for updates about TIF project
● David – Invite Jess / partners to come and introduce the TIF topic / invite journalists to this meeting.
● Come up with a meeting title that does not introduce TIF directly but instead some kind of economic development or similar.
● Isha/David – Formulate questions for breakout table groups
● Annette – will look into types of durable goods that we can use – plates, cloth napkins, silverware. Will look into grants?
● Stephanie will talk to Courtney, the translator, at the next meeting
● Mac will make an announcement in the spring newsletter and later make a firmer announcement.
● Stephanie will get a card and we will all sign it on January 8th. Laura will deliver card.
● At announcements – one board member a meeting could have a brief statement about what the board members do and announce that positions will be available in the spring.
● Laura – write an article about being a board member. Lynnette will need it by the end of the month.
● Laura – contact state rep to get someone for February meeting
● David/Mac will communicate with MorelInk about the newsletter printing. Isha – Make sure that she is in the loop so we don’t go over/around her work that she has put in.
● David – provide digital copy of Trimet responses
● David/Isha – make list for announcements about meeting topics around next week.

Claire moved to adjourn, Laura seconds, meeting ends at 7:59pm.