Cully Association of Neighbors Board Meeting, February 27, 2018, 6 to 8 pm, 5946 NE 45th Avenue.

Board Members Present:  Laura Young, Mac McKinlay, Jake Antles, Josh Heumann, Stephanie Neely, Rich Gunderson and Julie Granger.

Additional Agenda Items:  Nominating CAN members for the CNN committee on homelessness.  Planning committee for Thomas Cully Park opening.

Budget Approval:  Rich moved to approve the budget as is and amend it down the road if it is necessary.  Second by Jake Antles.  Need to follow the process of approving the budget for next year.  Board asked that we have the budget for 2018-2019 at the May Board Meeting.  Motion carried.

Laura reported that she had sent the letter to CNAC and she will send to me to be kept with CAN letters.

March General Meeting:  It was reported that Loretta Smith has been invited to come talk about  the community works program –  a youth employment opportunity.  It was suggested that Mulu Terefe with work force employment also be invited as well as Richard Peet, liaison to Southeast Works Manufacturing.  Laura will confirm with these people and get back to Mac.

Cully Clean Up:  Josh reported that the planning is going well and some subcommittees have been formed. The next planning meeting is March 6th at the Ecovillage farmhouse at 6 pm.

April, May and June General Meetings:  Topics for these meetings were discussed.

April – farming/food; recycling presentation in preparation for the cleanup;  board elections

May – housing, homelessness (CNN committee); backyard habitat certification

June – Local business groups, Our 42nd  and CBA

CBA Community and Business Event March 21st at Beeswing, 6-8 pm:  All are invited to come and give input on economic development

CNN committee on homelessness  Board needs to know the person who represents CAN. Does board/general meeting need to discuss homeless issue?  Denny Karas has offered to represent CAN on the CNN committee.  The rep goes to get information to bring back to CAN.   CNN has asked for names and contact info of representatives by March 16th.  Rich Gunderson said he would be willing to be a representative. Julie moved to have Denny Karas and Rich Gunderson to be CAN’s representatives on this committee, second by Josh.  Motion carried. Julie will send CNN who our reps are.

Planning Committee for the Thomas Cully Park opening:  Living Cully asked if anyone from CAN would agree to be a member of the planning committee. There will be 4 meetings.  Rich Gunderson agreed to rep CAN.

Community Support Requests  57th Ave Local Improvement District (LID).  Cully has few north-south corridors and needs to  maintain what connectivity there is.  Josh moved that Laura will draft a letter to City Council  expressing CAN support for formation of a LID  at NE Killingsworth and NE 57th Avenue, second by Rich.  Motion carried. Laura will send letter to the board for review so it can be sent by March 7th to City Council.

Elections – All officers are up for election,  need a treasurer and a secretary.   Rich and Josh terms are up.  Rich and Josh will run again.

Adjournment:  Stephanie moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Laura. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8 o’clock.

Respectfully submitted by Julie Granger