Sorry this is late but I only got the email today.   Note the time change from 7 – 9 to  6 to 8pm

  • Here is the agenda for the 24th:

    Budget – review and approve – Oscar/Laura
    Operating procedures – Results of meeting with David, Rich and Mac
    Residential Infill Project – Action Needed – David
    Update on general Location and Childcare – Jake/David/Mac/Laura
    Annual Plan for Meetings – Mac
    Cully Clean Up – Laura
    Newsletter Funding – Alma
    Nov 14 Agenda Planning – All


    Have great weekend everyone!

    Cully Association | Cully Association of Neighbors Board meetings

    Date:  the fourth Tuesday of each month.
    Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
    Place: Cully Grove common house
    4779 NE Going Street
    Portland, OR 97218
    No off street parking, Common house is in center of houses.