CAN will have a General Meeting Tuesday, Feb 9 7-9pm.
To attend click on this link:

Topic: Cully Community Led Development District
Organizations and individuals in the Cully community are working to create a plan for a Cully Community Led Development District. The District would invest TIF district money in Cully to prevent the displacement of vulnerable families from the neighborhood. We want to hear your ideas. Come learn about the proposal and share your suggestions for what the districts priorities should be, what projects it should pursue and how it should make decisions. Presenters will be: Cameron Herrington of Living Cully and Jessica Lam from Hacienda CDC

This is the evolution of the TIF district idea that CAN members have already heard about in the Jan 8,2019 general meeting.
Here is a link from Oregon Economic Development Association describing best practices for a TIF: Click here

Agenda will be coming soon.