201208 CAN General Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Links do not go through in a posted PDF. So here are the links to the Green New Deal presentation:

Rachel Slocum & Mark Darienzo - Green New Deal: A Conversation by 350PDX
● Resolution created by Sens. Markey & AOC in response to climate change. Presented video.
● 2 big ideas that need to be resolved within 12 years: 1) what to do to solve the climate crisis,
stop burning fossil fuels, which must happen quickly and 2) how to protect americans from this
rapid shift economically - guaranteed public employment, universal healthcare, etc. Rebuild
economy to help ordinary americans
● Green New Deal-adjacent initiatives:
Universal Pre-K (Starting 2022) to build care infrastructure,
Measure 26-217 Police Oversight,
City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Susatainability plans to levy fees on large
Energy democracy campaign Dec 14 at 350PDX,
Municipal public banking for Oregon (public loans),
Climate Jobs