RE: PBOT Portland in the Streets Community Grant

Living Cully Community Wayfinding Project

Dear Portland Bureau of Transportation,

The Cully Association of Neighbors, (CAN) and The Cully Boulevard Alliance (CBA) wholeheartedly support the Living Cully Community Wayfinding project. Verde and Living Cully are longtime partners of CAN and CBA, and we believe in their community-led and participatory approach to community development.

We are highly supportive of creating a Wayfinding system that is unique to Cully–a community led placemaking effort that will help lift up the diversity and vibrancy of the Cully neighborhood. The Living Cully Community Wayfinding System will bring 32 new directional signs, artistic community kiosks, and mile markers to Cully, helping identify safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists to access parks and greenspaces in the neighborhood. The Cully neighborhood has long lacked investment in our transportation infrastructure. Verde’s innovative approach to creating community based solutions helps bring this new amenity to Cully, while also educating youth about active transportation, connecting community members to the regional trail system, engaging community leaders in Wayfinding design and providing engagement opportunities for diverse, low-income Cully residents.

CAN and CBA are committed to increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Cully, as well as improving walkability, and creating innovative spaces for community gathering. We believe the Wayfinding system will do that, and more. Thank you for supporting this incredible community project.


Cully Association of Neighbors



Cully Boulevard Alliance