Cully Association of Neighbors

August 17th 2017,

To Whom This May Concern,


The Cully Association of Neighbors (CAN) is providing a letter in support of a proposed project by Propel Community Design Center in the Cully Neighborhood. We understand that Propel CDC is submitting an application for one of the PBOT Livable Streets Grants, in order to open up and improve the abandoned Right of Way on NE 62nd Ave. between NE Emerson St. and Killingsworth. CAN offers support this project in keeping with community driven efforts to improve neighborhood livability and to the extent that it aligns with many of CAN’s Inclusive Cully Policy.


The Cully community is both diverse and economically challenged. Near this site there are affordable housing developments, low-income single family homes built by Habitat for Humanity, typical single-family properties, and a wide range of rental units. All of these neighbors could benefit from access to open space and improved connectivity in the area. Renovating this space into a well-designed, well-lit space with gardens, lights, benches, and a safe trail will be a tremendous improvement that would benefit all of the residents of Cully while aligning with PBOT’s Livable Streets goal.


Further this project would increase access the neighborhood and transit network by connecting a neighborhood to the bus services along Killingsworth Street. A pedestrian and bike path through this right-of-way would establish a great precedent for other underutilized publicly owned land, while building out the pedestrian infrastructure in Cully – which is notoriously underserved.


Not only will this project increase safety with a pedestrian only street, increase access by building out the trails network, but also turn a blighted piece of land into an asset. Currently the land leftover by the dead end of 62nd is often used as a dump, a place for illegal camping, drug use, and other illegal activities. There has been a series of abandoned vehicles, broken windows, trash and other debris dumped here, and needles, soiled clothes, and other remnants of illegal activities being left behind.



CAN (Cully Association of Neighbors)