The CNN LUTOP Committee is hosting a meeting via Zoom on August 26th at 7:00 pm to learn and ask questions about the proposed Cully Tax Increment Financing Project, Cully TIF. The link to the Preliminary Report for the Cully TIF is

It is extremely important that each of you take time to thoroughly read the report for the potential impact on your neighborhoods. On pages 15,16 and 17 are maps for possible inclusion in the Cully TIF boundary. Some of the boundaries include other neighborhoods. Please share this important information with your Land Use committees and boards and others who may be interested. Our CNN LUTOP meetings are open to the public

It has been suggested that we send well thought out questions ahead to Robert Smith, Prosper Portland Project Manager, our speaker, so that the discussion will include our CNN neighborhoods concerns. Thanks to concerned LUTOP members we need to find out based on important details in the Preliminary Report ,who draws up the final recommendations for the TIF boundaries and when do our residents, businesses and neighborhoods find out if they are in those boundaries, (even if they are not in the Cully district)? We are working to put together other questions and will take questions from the floor if time permits.

Preliminary Report stresses that the Cully TIF folks are looking at their effort as a potential model for the rest of the city, and we think Prosper Portland believes that too. TIF’s may be a good model for providing affordable housing relief in neighborhoods, and there are a lot of details to be considered in an up to $130 million project for one single neighborhood. TIF’s could be very important in the future of Portland’ neighborhoods.

Please take a look at the Cully TIF Preliminary Report found at

To join the LUTOP meeting which will be via Zoom on August 26th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm the zoom link is

Please email me with questions regarding this important meeting. And please send me questions you could like to be sent to our speaker, Robert Smith.

Thanks for taking time to read the report and for joining your CNN LUTOP Committee at this very important meeting.



Alison B. Stoll

Executive Director

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Central Northeast Neighbors

4415 NE 87th Avenue, 97212