Cully Association of Neighbors Board Meeting April 25, 2017, Cully Grove 4779 NE Going St, 7 to 9 pm
Board Members in Attendance: Laura Young, Mac McKinlay, David Sweet, Rich Gunderson, Jake Antles and Julie Granger
Community members present: Dennis Karas and Marilee Dea
1. Welcome and introductions: New board members were welcomed.
New Board Member Q&A:
Questions: Asked for clarification of internet communication, eblasts and website; how to be supportive to chair as vice chair; wanted information about being a board member: orientation, culture, how decisions are made, how money decisions are made; asked for clarity around voting – board is one held accountable – not a community vote. One new member asked that he be given direct and honest feedback if anyone had a concern with him – ask me out for coffee so we can talk. Julie will email Mac and Jake the communication guidelines that were developed by the board in February 2017.
Conflict of Interest Document: Julie passed out CNN document to new board members, who signed and returned. Julie will take them to CNN.
2. Public Comment Period – will be at the end of the meeting.
3. May General Meeting Agenda:
May be a interesting meeting because the Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG) and their “PD Noise Advisory Committee will be presenting. The topic will be the six-month trial period for expanded flights and landing in Portland, beginning on May 1st. A facilitator will be present. PA system needs to be used at this meeting and all meetings in the future.
Julie to bring communication guidelines for each table for the May meeting.
Julie to send announcements made at general meeting to person posting eblasts and to website manager so they will be available for the community.
4. Land Use: David reported that a potential change to System Development Charges (scaling them on residential developments based on size) will come up this summer. Funds from these charges are designated for infrastructure needed to support growth such as parks, roads, water and sewer systems. Transportation projects can be funded by SDCs and most of the projects currently slated for Cully will be paid for in part by these funds. Land Use Committee meeting will spend time on this issue at the May 2nd meeting to determine if a letter of support will be brought to the general meeting.
David also said he wanted to write a letter in support of a proposed garage conversion into an ADU on NE Alberta Court. The ADU is in the required setbacks however the dimensions of the ADU are 2 feet longer than allowed in one direction as well as 2 feet less on the other side. There have been no neighbor complaint that he is aware of. Mac McKinlay moved to have David compose a letter of support for this project. at 4728 NE Alberta CT, second by Julie Granger. Motion carried.
5. June General Meeting
It was decided to hold a volunteer Appreciation at the June General Meeting. It was suggested that we buy food from new restaurants and food carts in the area. Laura to talk with Stephanie on her ideas. It was also suggested that we could have soups in crock pots. Marilee will ask CNN if this is an acceptable thing to do.
6. Trinity Lutheran Community Unity Event
A few comments on the Cully Clean up: need more signage next year; grossed over $4100; Jessica did a great job; shredding should be a separate event;
When volunteers arrived Saturday morning for the Clean Up at Trinity Lutheran they learned that the church had been defaced with graffiti. Church staff was busy covering it up and cleaning up. There was a painting party the next day to do further cover it up. There are plans underway for a community event to paint a mural in May.
Board discussed making a contribution to the church for their generous donation to CAN to use their space for the cleanup for several years and also because of the effort they went to the morning of the cleanup to cover up the graffiti so our event could go on. David Sweet moved that we donate 10% of the cleanup proceeds to Trinity, second by Julie Granger. After further discussion the amount was modified to $300. Motion carried. Mac McKinaly will write a letter to accompany the donation thanking the church for their space and for their quick response to the issues on the day of the clean up.
7. Board Member Roles /Organizational Guidelines and Timelines.
Due to lack of time this item will be discussed at the May Board meeting. Julie also brought copies of the Operating Procedures for CAN and distributed them. All board members are asked to review this document for the May board meeting as well. Julie will send document to Oscar, Stephanie, Alma.
We will also consider what roles must be fulfilled by a board member and what things could we a community member do such as Outreach/events, crime. What positions are required by the CNN?
Review 2016-17 Action Plan: Input for the 2017-18 Action Plan will be asked of the membership at the June General Meeting.
Board agreed to meet monthly through the summer to get this work done. Meetings will be on the 4th Tuesday of the month 7 to 9 pm and held at Cully Grove. The next meeting will be May 23rd.
8. Old Business
Laura will arrange for a facilitated meeting where previous board members will be invited to work through the issues that came up when the board turnover occurred. She will invite those board members when she has a facilitator confirmed, hopefully with Northwest Resolutions. This meeting needs to happened as soon as possible.
Laura will also arrange for a facilitator to lead a meeting with the current board members . This could be with Elise Scolnick who worked with the board in February 2017 or with a facilitator from Northwest Resolutions.
9. New Business
Letter of support from CAAT Team will be presented at May general meeting. It will be sent out to board and eblasted out neighborhood prior to meeting so people can review.
There was a brief discussion about the CAN logo. Decided to leave it as is. We need letterhead with our logo and with a footer with mailing address. Mac has a clean logo.
Laura will order a new sandwich board for CAN meeting – voted to do so at April board meeting.
Jake volunteered to lead a visioning discussion/listening session on the action plan at the June General Meeting.
Need a ‘square’ (credit card reader) for CAN – people left cleanup because we could not take a credit card. Need to consult with Oscar.
Julie mentioned that two board members are to be appointed for Grievance Committee. Rich Gunderson and Mac McKinlay agreed to be on the committee.
10. Adjourn: David Sweet moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Laura Young. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Julie Granger