Date:July 10,2014

To:Interested Person

From:Sylvia Cate, Land Use Services

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Development has been proposed in your neighborhood. The proposed development requires a land use review. The proposal, review process, and information on how to respond to this

notice are described below. A copy of the site plan and zoning map is attached. I am the staff

person handling the case. Please call me if you have questions regarding this proposal. Please

contact the applicant if you have questions regarding any future development on the site.

Because we must publish our decision within 28 days, we need to receive your written

comments by 5 p.m. on July 31, 2014. Please mail or deliver your comments to the address

at the bottom of the page, and include the Case File Number, LU 14-139487 AD, in your letter. It also is helpful to address your letter to me, Sylvia Cate. You can also e-mail your comments to me at my e-mail address identified above.


Owner: Pyco LLC

5949 NE Cully Blvd/Portland, OR 97218-3354

Applicant: Brent Hedberg, Main Contact/Specht Development, Inc.

15325 SE Beaverton Creek CT/ Beaverton, OR 97006

Site Address: Property fronting NE Killingsworth between 75th and NE 82nd (actual address 7926 NE Killingsworth)


The applicant proposes to develop the site with a proposed new industrial service facility for

Comcast Corporation. The project will include a warehouse, fleet parking and accessory office use which will include sales, customer service and technical support functions.

Comcast will also operate a fleet of company vehicles out of the facility that will provide installation, maintenance and support services for Comcast’s operations in the eastern portion of the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The zoning code regulates the number of parking spaces for specified development;

based on the maximum allowed parking spaces, a total of 135 parking spaces are required.

The parking maximum assumes a relatively low number of employees working in large industrial buildings.

However, the applicant is requesting an Adjustment to 33.266.115.B to increase the maximumnumber of parking spaces on-site to accommodate fleet vehicle parking, which includes 21 large bucket trucks, 120 fleet vans, 20 fleet pickup trucks, 4 fleet trailers and 19 fleet pool vehicles which require a total of 184 parking spaces. Additionally there will be approximately 62 full time employees who do not drive fleet vehicles and will park their personal vehicles on site. Shift changes among employees will also cause a spike in parking demand periodically through the work day. An additional 161 full time employees will be based at this facility and will operate fleet vehicles. Therefore, the applicant requests an Adjustment to allow a total of 260 parking spaces on site.

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