February 14, 2017

Cully Association of Neighbors General Membership Meeting Grace Presbyterian Church 6025 NE Prescott, Portland, Oregon
Board Members in Attendance: Laura Young, David Sweet, Chris Browne, Tristan Markwell, Alma Velazquez, Oscar Moreno Gilson, Rich Gunderson and Xan Hamilton.

Welcome and Introductions: Members were welcomed and board members introduced themselves.

Approval of Agenda: Proposed additions to the agenda include: Movie in the Park proposal (by Rich Gunderson); general announcement by Tristan Markwell; announcement of a development proposal at NE 42nd and Sumner; announcement of an upcoming event by Cameron Herrington. The amended agenda was moved for approval by Dennis Karas, seconded by Michael Crupper and was unanimously approved with no abstentions.
Review of General Meeting Minutes. Minutes from the January 9, 2017 meeting were not available for review and approval. This action was postponed to the next general meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Oscar Gilson (CAN Treasurer) report the following:
7/1/16 – 1/31/17: Income $5,464.72; Expenses $6,692.61; Bank Balance 1/31/17 $28,872.39. Michael Crupper moved to accept treasurer’s report, second by David Sweet. Motion approved.

 Renter Solidarity March
– Cameron Harrington (Living Cully) reported on the situation at the Normandy Apartments on NE Killingsworth. 18 apartment renters have been given no-cause eviction notices. Rents are doubled. Current renters have to reapply. 12 of 18 apartment renters have children in Rigler School. Multnomah County and Home Forward is providing short-tern rent assistance so those families can stay in their apartments until the end of the school year. It was noted that the increased rent amounts was commensurate with rents in the local Hacienda CDC apartments.

– Cameron announced an upcoming solidarity march on Saturday, 2/25/17 at 12:30. A flier was distributed.

– It was noted that the newly increased rent amounts are commensurate with rents in the local Hacienda CDC apartments. It was noted that the previous owners of the apartment complex had not made needed repairs and improvements. The new owners are making these investments. It was noted that the current renters are quite well organized and taking leadership in advocating for their interests. The Portland City Council has approved an ordinance that gives renters of no-cause evictions the right to get moving expense assistance from their landlord. This ordinance is being challenged in court. Renters are asking for three things: 1. That the landlord negotiate “fair rent increases with tenants (fair and reasonable increases is not defined); 2) that current renters do not have to reapply and pay security deposits if they stay; and 3) that the landlord provide an option for longer rental periods. The legal standing of the renters is unclear, but they are getting legal assistance with this matter. Noelle Studer acknowledged and thanked Cameron, Living Cully and others for their work on this advocacy.

 Cully Clean-up
– Jessica Jazdzewski (CBA) announced that the annual Cully Clean-up will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 (Earth Day) at the Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot. The CBA is sponsoring her to organize and lead this project with the proceeds going to CAN.
– The event needs volunteers to plan and work the day of the event. Last year there were 109 volunteers. Historically, this has been the largest clean-up event in Portland.
– A planning meeting will take place on Thursday 2/16/17 from 3 to 5 PM at the Our 42nd Avenue office at 5140A NE 42nd Avenue, Portland.

 Land-Use and Transportation Committee meeting
– David Sweet announced that the next TLC meeting will be on Tuesday, 2/21/17 at 7 PM at the Cully Grove Common House, 4779 NE Going, Portland.
– The agenda will include a review of a proposed development at 4905 NE Going and an discussion of a proposed TRIMET bus route through the neighborhood to downtown Portland.

 Small Backyard Homes Workshop
– Jake Antles announced an upcoming seminar organized by Living Cully and architecture students at PSU regarding the building of small houses and ADU’s. This will be held on 2/22/17 from 5:30 to 8:30 at the Grace Presbyterian Church, 6025 NE Prescott (same place as the CAN meetings).

 Habitat for Humanity Home Repair and Preservation Program
– Karen Evans (Habitat) announced and handed out brochures for a Home Repair and Preservations program sponsored by Habitat and Living Cully.
– A flier was distributed. Details of the program can be found at: http://habitatportlandmetro.org/programs/home-repair-preservation/

 Friends of Trees Tree Planting
– Bruce Nelson announced that the annual Friends of Trees tree planting event will happen on Saturday, 4/1/17. The deadline for applying to receive and have a tree planted on you property is 2/27/2017. This year, trees are available for rental property.
– Friends of Trees made a grant request to CAN for $50 to help fund refreshments for the volunteers during the 4/1/17 event. David Sweet moved that CAN approve this $50 grant if it is not already part of the 2016-17 CAN budget. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

 Mobile Home Repair Program
– Dennis Karas announced that there is a new program starting up to help with the inspection and repair of mobile homes. There are six mobile home parks in the Cully neighborhood.
– There will be a meeting on Wednesday, 2/15/17 from 5:30 to 8 PM at Living Cully Plaza to provide information and plan this program.

 Alaska Airline Magazine Article about Cully
– Tristan Markwell announced that the latest issue of the Alaska Airline in-flight magazine has an article about the vibrant local farming and food scene in Portland’s Cully neighborhood. He presented a copy of the magazine.
– Dennis Karas noted that there are 19 urban farms in the Cully neighborhood and a coordinating organization for these farmers.

CAN Mini-Grant Presentation: Xan Hamilton made the announcement of this year’s CAN mini-grants. These are grant to applicants that met the grant criteria and were selected by the mini-grant committee. Three grants are awarded as follows:
 Emerson Street Intersection Painting ($500)
– This is a “City Repair” project to paint the street intersection and make the local environment more appealing and “friendly”.
 Rigler Spring Carnival Support ($500)
– This event is sponsored by the Rigler School PTA
– The event will be on the 1st Friday of June and is open to everyone in the neighborhood.
– The grant helps make the carnival more affordable and accessible for students and families.  Hacienda and Andando en Bicicletas en Cully’s (ABC) ($500)
– Support for food and bike repair service during 2017 Sunday Parkway through the neighborhood.
Xan noted that an application was submitted by some people at the Providence ElderPlace (located in the Cully neighborhood) for an information kiosk to help connect the ElderPlace with the community. The application did not meet the grant requirements, but Xan said that it would be good if somehow CAN could better connect with the ElderPlace residents. Jake Antles indicated an interest and was to meet with Xan after the meeting.
Xan said that not all of the 2016-17 mini-grant funds were used and asked if we could extend the application submission period to March 17. Alma Velazquez made a motion in this regard. It was seconded by David Sweet. The vote passed unanimously with one abstention.

Guest Speakers & Discussion: Residential Infill in Cully
Tristan Markwell introduced the topic and encouraged a respectful discussion.
David Sweet (Cully neighborhood) presented an overview of the housing situation in Portland, the concepts and work done by the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s Residential Infill Project and implications for the Cully neighborhood. The content points made in his presentation are found in the attached copy of his PowerPoint presentation. Questions and comments made:
– Cottage Cluster housing development typically provides condominiums-like home ownership.
– The “overlay” areas where infill development will apply is not yet determined. There have been various options proposed but this is still under review and consideration.
– Past zoning changes from a wider option of housing types to predominately residential zoning for single family homes happened after WW II as a part of a nation-wide trend to build more single family homes. In Portland, these zoning changes were also during a period when zoning restrictions were used to limit hosing options and locations for racial minority members of the city.
– The Infill Citizen’s Advisory Council is no longer in place. There work plan was completed.
– The City is considering various “bonus” variances for development that addresses affordability and other goals.
– The region of the City west of the river has a smaller proposed “overlay” area because the residential areas are further away from transit corridors than desired for infill development.
Leslie Hammond (Multnomah neighborhood), Michael Molinaro (Sunnyside neighborhood), Rod Merrick (Eastmoreland neighborhood) and Chris Brown (Cully Neighborhood) presented comments on the Residential Infill Project as currently written. The content points made in this presentation are found in the attached copy of their handout materials. Questions and comments made:
– Maps were presented showing infill “overlay” zones at 1/10 mile and ¼ mile around transit corridors (see attached) and stressed options that promote increased housing density only around major transportation corridors.
– Jake Antles asked about housing “choice” and how we provide choice to the most people in the city.
– Noelle Studer. passionately noted that the interests presented did not represent those of less advantaged members of the community that have not been able to participate in conversations about this topic.
– Michael Crupper noted that most development is driven by economic interests and will gravitate towards options with the best economic outcome.
Rich Gunderson (CAN Parks representative) said that he had been contacted about CAN interest in continuing the Movie in the Park program in 2017. Carol made a motion to reaffirm our support of this program. It was seconded and unanimously approved.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made, seconded and unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned 9:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Robert Granger