Please save the date for the first TLC meeting of the fall, Tuesday, September 17, 7:00, at the Cully Grove common house, 4779 NE Going Street. On the agenda this month is a proposed 270,000 square foot warehouse in the 7600-7800 block of NE Killingsworth Street—behind the Comcast building.

A hearing on this warehouse began last month and will continue on September 25. I am attaching for your background the Bureau of Development Services staff report and recommendations, as well as the written testimony CAN submitted for last month’s hearing. At that time, we were asking the hearings officer to impose a number of conditions on the warehouse relating to noise and diesel pollution. Since then, I have met with the developers who have explained that they would be unable to meet several of the conditions we suggested. As a result, I am now recommending that CAN ask that the permit for the warehouse be denied.

The hearing will determine if the proposal meets the criteria established for the North Cully Plan District (also attached) as spelled out in the Zoning Code. Anyone who wants to testify on this matter, either in person or in writing, will want to attend this meeting, as we will discuss the approval criteria in the North Cully Plan. These are the only criteria that the hearings officer will use to make her decision, and need to form the basis for testimony.

If there are other matters you think we need to cover at this meeting, please let me know.

Warehouse staff report

Letter-Hearings Officer-Killingsworth Warehouse

North Cully Plan District