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Cully Camina!


Due to efforts from concerned Cully residents of the Cully Air Action Team, Living Cully, and findings from most recent USFS study of metal contaminants in moss samplings throughout the greater Portland area, the Oregon DEQ and OHA have decided to take action:

Agencies take action in Cully

DEQ and OHA initiated a dialogue with Cully neighborhood representatives about the new moss data, and to seek their input on how best to communicate upcoming and ongoing activities with the larger community.

DEQ will conduct air monitoring in and around Cully. DEQ will first gather data on wind direction patterns and find suitable locations that are secure, have access to electricity for operating the monitoring instruments, and can be safely accessed by DEQ staff members. DEQ is reviewing information about potential sources of airborne metals, as there may be several sources of pollutants in the area.

DEQ and OHA will investigate each moss hotspot and have a plan to prioritize additional locations for follow-up. For more information go to: http://saferair.oregon. gov/Documents/faq-future-ai...

Follow-up actions in other neighborhoods could include additional moss sampling, air monitoring or facilities inspections depending on priority level. The agencies cannot investigate all sites immediately, and the first priority in June is the Cully neighborhood.

For more information see:

To get involved, go to:

Cully Air Action Network(formerly the Cully Stink Team) Facebook site for up to the minute news

Here is a comprehensive packet about Cully area polluters.

CAAT factsheet

For more information go to CullyCleanAir.org

The Cully Association of Neighbors takes pride in its neighborhood involvement and the achievements that have resulted.

2012 Cully Association Chairwoman receives the "Spirit of Portland Community Stewardship Award".

2006 Spirit of Portland Neighborhood Association Award Winner

Held largest one day association neighborhood clean up in the entire City of Portland, collecting over 50 tons of material, bulky waste and recyclables 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Attendance at CAN general meetings averages 60+ people monthly.

Negotiated with private developer and City for dedication of 3 acres on new park land as part of a rezoning approval.

Participates on committees related to Columbia Biogas Good Neighbor Agreement, Portland Airport, Transportation, Cully Blvd Green St, Parks, Whitaker Ponds Master Plan, Cully Park Master Plan, Hacienda Safety, SUN Schools, good neighbor agreements, and Cully Neighborhood Plan (1992).

Community outreach and neighborhood enhancement includes neighborhood fairs, tree plantings, litter patrol, book and harvest fairs, donations to various groups, bilingual flyers and having information available at 6 newsstand boxes.

"Cuisine in Cully" successfully brings together neighborhood businesses and restaurants with residents for a delicious evening.

Partnered with PSU and City Planning on Cully neighborhood 2006 survey.

Chair received "Chief's Forum Award" 2005 Certificate of Appreciation

1994 "Spirit of Portland Neighborhood Association Award Winner".

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