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Cully Neighborhood Survey Results - 2006

The Cully Association of Neighbors handed a survey out at the annual clean-up event in May of 2006. At this event, 134 surveys were completed. In June, 1,000 surveys were mailed by the City to a random selection of single-family and apartment units in the Cully neighborhood. The cover letter and surveys were in both Spanish and English. The mailing included a business-reply, postage-paid envelope that went to PSU’s Center for Urban Studies. As of the end of July, 208 surveys were completed from the random sample mailing, including three in Spanish. This is 22% of the surveys that were delivered (subtracting 60 surveys that were returned as undeliverable). This is a good response rate for a general, mail-out survey with no follow-up. There was a lower response rate from surveys sent to apartments. The mail-out survey was a collaborative effort between the City and PSU, with the City copying and mailing the survey and PSU paying for the return postage and doing the data entry and analysis. To read these survey results,  Click here  

Cully Demographics - 1990