Bureau of Development Services (BDS) opened public input for a proposal to partition the lot at 6305 NE Prescott St, adding a flag lot behind the existing home. Cully Association of Neighbors and anyone from the public can submit feedback until November 13, 2023.

This land use notice concerns only the lot partition: splitting this property from one lot into two. The decision includes a plan for the property after the partition, but this decision does not cover a construction permit for the new home described in the plan. If the city approves the lot partition, the final construction plan could look different than the preliminary plan shown in the notice. For example, the property owner could remove the off-street parking from the plan, since the city doesn’t require parking for most residential developments.

View full details of Land Use Notice (PDF)

Cully Association of Neighbors and individuals may submit input. To share your feedback or questions with CAN, please email Zach Powers, Transportation and Land Use Chair. You may also submit feedback directly to BDS using the contact info in the land use notice.

6305 NE Prescott St Lot Partition lu_23_038976_ldp_propoct13