The next “Preferred” draft of the Residential Infill Project proposal will be released on Monday, April 2.  The Planning and Sustainability Commission will hold public hearings on the draft on May 8 and 15.  Due to the timing it will be challenging for CAN to review the proposal and formulate comments to present to the PSC on May 8.  I propose that the Land Use Committee meet on Thursday, April 5, 7:00 PM, at the Cully Grove Common House, 4779 NE Going Street.  We will review the proposal and see if we can come up with Cully-specific comments on it.  These can be presented to the general membership at the April 10 meeting, and to the CAN board at their April 24 meeting.

I know that this schedule is challenging.  I hope you will have a chance to review the new draft in the few days before the TLC meeting and come to help us deliberate.  The “discussion draft” that was released in October can be found here,, along with related information.  I imagine that the “preferred draft” will be available at the same site.  I will send out a link to it as soon as it is released.  Following the hearings, the PSC will propose changes to be incorporated into the draft that will go to the City Council for hearings and adoption late this year.
For your information, I attach Cully’s adopted comments on the discussion draft.  I will not be surprised if the new draft looks very similar