In the fourth year of CAN’s Mini-Grant cycle, CAN chose to reopen the application process, creating a new deadline of Friday, the 17th of March. The intent of the Mini-Grant is to enhance the livability of Cully, building community and strengthening the social fabric that exists here. Through creatively engaging the community, we can get to know our neighbors, sharing our personal culture and stories. We can break down perceived barriers and realize our similarities. We can be bold, adding intrigue to this unique neighborhood, incorporating many agencies and experiences available here, to us. The application needs to be well thought out and meet the CAN Mini-Grant criteria: feasibility; taking place on public property in Cully, for residents of Cully; written by a resident of Cully; and for the enhancement of Cully. If it does, the application has a good chance of being granted some funding by CAN.

The recipients from 2017’s first Mini-Grant round are the Emerson Street Intersection Painting project, which will incorporate youth and families from Hacienda CDC’s Expresiones program to create and help paint the design. The Rigler PTA was awarded a grant to help cover the costs of Rigler’s Spring Carnival, and Andando en Bicicletas en Cully was again granted funding to collaborate with Community Cycling Center to help fix bikes and teach others bike safety during NE Sunday Parkways.

The Mini-Grant funding pool currently has an unallocated $1500, and grant requests can range from between $50 to $500.

Submission instructions are available on the Mini-Grant Applications. Please contact me if you would like a Spanish or English version; alternatively, visit the CAN website ( for an application in either Spanish or English.