The Cully Association of Neighbors (CAN) is one of the most active neighborhood association in the city of Portland. CAN is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members strive to enhance the livability of the neighborhood. We meet to make Cully a better place to live by working together on issues and activities, connecting with neighbors, businesses and governmental agencies.

The Cully Mission
The Cully Association of Neighbors seeks to enhance the physical and social livability in the neighborhood through open links of communication and liaison between and within the neighborhood, governmental agencies and other neighbors.

There are no dues to be a member, the only requirement is that you must either live, work or own property within the Cully boundaries as define by the CAN by-laws. Regardless of whether you live within the Cully boundaries, all are welcome to attend the general meetings, though only members can vote on motions.

CAN meetings are open to all members of the community – renters, homeowners, business   owners and property owners- all are encouraged to join, participate, share an idea and voice an opinion.  Spanish translation is available at every general membership meeting.

2012 CAN chairperson receives Spirit of Portland Community Stewardship Award
2006 and 1994 Spirit of Portland Neighborhood Association Award Winner
Granted $3.8 million in federal and local funding with $1.6 million from the City for Cully Blvd Street improvement
Advocated and received funding to create Thomas Cully Master Plan
Grant funds to improve Sacajawea Dog Park area

Annually holds one of the largest neighborhood association clean up in the entire City of Portland, partnering with local businesses and organizations.
Negotiated with private developer and City for dedication of 3 acres on new park land.
Participated in the development of Cully Blvd infrastructure improvements and Thomas Cully Park Master Plan.
Planning Documents and Work Plan Focus
Cully Commercial Corridor (formerly Cully Main Street) and Local Street Plans Project (April 2011-June 2012)
Cully Main Street: A Place for Community Serving Projects (PSU 2009),
Cully-Concordia Assessment (Planning) 2007-2008
Cully Neighborhood Plan (1992)

Participates on committees related to Portland Airport, Transportation, Land Use, Parks, Living Cully, Our 42nd NPI, Cully Blvd Alliance NPI, Clean Air, Whitaker Ponds Master Plan, Columbia Slough Watershed, Citizen Noise Advisory Committee, Thomas Cully Park Master Plan, SUN Schools, Safe Routes to Schools and Good Neighbor Agreements.

Community outreach and neighborhood enhancement includes participating at neighborhood fairs, tree plantings, litter patrol, farmer’s markets, graffiti and Cully cleanup, neighbors night out events, funding neighborhood projects through CAN mini-grant program, donations to various groups, bilingual flyers, Spanish translation at meetings and having information available at 5 newsstand boxes.

Mails Cully Neighbor News quarterly newsletter to every household and business in the Cully area. (Also available online at website.) E-mails notices to members and regularly updates CAN website.

"Cuisine in Cully" event successfully brings together neighborhood businesses and restaurants with residents for a delicious evening while also collecting food for the NE Emergency Food Program.

Gives support to the Cully Blvd Alliance Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) and Our 42nd Ave NPI, Cully Farmer’s Market, NE Emergency Food Program and Grace Presbyterian Church.

Why you should participate in your Neighborhood Association:
Neighborhood involvement gives you a voice in policy decisions that affect you and your neighbors.  Your neighborhood association is a vehicle for relating directly with your elected officials and decision makers with an even stronger voice. Help make your neighborhood a better place, come meet your neighbors and because it is fun!

CAN Volunteer Opportunities
Participate at general meetings, chair a committee, or serve on the board
Organize and/or participate in CAN annual Neighborhood Clean Up
Participate in Tree Plantings, Tree Inventory and Rain Garden activities
Organize a graffiti cleanup or other community event
Seek out grants that will benefit CAN projects
Organize Cuisine in Cully event
Be a translator/interpreter for your neighbors
Distribute notices and fliers at neighborhood events
Write articles, submit photos or contact new businesses for the Cully Neighbor News
Involve yourself in land use, development and/or transportation and safety issues
Help respond to land use reviews and/or concerns that influence decisions
Protect natural areas and green spaces
Help to advocate for parks, community centers and community gardens in Cully
Be a liaison with neighborhood schools and business associations
Participate in the CAN mini-grant program
Hold a National Night Out party
Establish a Neighborhood watch