Please join us at 7:00 PM on May 11th for the virtual May general meeting of the Cully Association of Neighbors. For a presentation on Mutual Aid, and our general elections! Here’s the link for the meeting.

Read on for details.

Mutual Aid: What does it mean to you?

“Solidarity not charity” is the mantra of mutual aid networks across the country. While mutual aid has been a part of some Portland communities pre-pandemic, the enduring hardship and destabilization from COVID and other events of the past year catalyzed and highlighted the need for mutual aid. This is true in the Cully neighborhood and beyond. During the May 11th CAN meeting, we’re thrilled to be joined by several Portland leaders and instigators of mutual aid who will share their experiences of participating in a network of community members working to support each other. We hope to learn from their experiences and have a discussion about engaging in mutual aid in Cully.


Do you love Cully? Do you want to get more engaged in making Cully a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place for all? Join the Cully Association of Neighbors Board! As a board member, you will have a chance to shape community conversations, get involved in neighborhood projects, and connect with your neighbors! We are holding an election at our next virtual CAN meeting on May 11th. During this time, any interested Cully residents will have the opportunity to run for the CAN Board. We encourage anyone who is passionate about making Cully a better, more equitable place to consider joining the board (no other skills necessary)! If you are interested in learning more contact

Announcing CAN Virtual Board, CNN Rep and Grievance Committee Elections

We’ll be holding our annual election for the CAN board, CNN representatives and grievance committee positions. Please come and vote, and even run for office if you’d like! Candidates may choose to run at the meeting, or sign up ahead of time by emailing:

The eight positions up for election and the current slate of candidates are:


Chair (1 year term). Candidate(s): Josh Heumann

Vice Chair (1-year term). Candidate(s): Isha Leinow

Secretary (1-year term). Candidate(s): Maria Graznka

Treasurer (1-year term). Candidate(s): Vena Rainwater

Member at Large – 3 positions (2-year term). Candidate(s): Annette Pronk, David Sweet, Gregory Sotir

Member at Large – 1 position (1-year term). Candidate(s):


CNN Representative – 2 positions (1-year term). Candidate(s): Michael Morrissey


Grievance Committee – 5 positions, 2 from board, 3 from gen. membership (1-year term). Candidate(s): Isha Leinow

Anuncio sobre las elecciones para la Junta Directiva virtual de la Asociación de Vecinos de Cully (CAN por sus siglas en inglés), representante de la CNN y Comité de Quejas

Por favor, únase a nosotros el 11 de mayo a las 7:00 PM para la reunión general virtual del mes de mayo de la Asociación de Vecinos de Cully. Tendremos nuestra elección anual para la junta directiva de CAN, los representantes de CNN y los puestos del comité de quejas. Por favor, venga a votar, e incluso a presentarse como candidato si lo desea. Los candidatos pueden optar por presentarse en la reunión, o inscribirse con anticipación enviando un correo electrónico a:

Aquí está el enlace para la reunión.

Las ocho posiciones por elegir y la actual lista de candidatos son:


Presidente (mandato de 1 año). Candidato(s): Josh Heumann

Vicepresidente (mandato de 1 año). Candidato(s): Isha Leinow

Secretaria (mandato de 1 año). Candidata(s): Maria Graznka

Tesorero (mandato de 1 año). Candidata(s): Vena Rainwater

Miembro en general – 3 puestos (mandato de 2 años). Candidato(s): Annette Pronk, David Sweet, Gregory Sotir

Miembro general – 1 puesto (mandato de 1 año). Candidato(s):


Representante de CNN – 2 puestos (mandato de 1 año). Candidato(s): Michael Morrissey


Comité de Quejas – 5 puestos, 2 de la junta directiva, 3 de los miembros generales (mandato de 1 año). Candidato(s): Isha Leinow

2021-05-11 General Meeting agenda