Bureau of Development Services (BDS) opened public input for a proposal to partition the lot at 5545 NE Simpson St.

The property owner, Daydoe Design Build LLC, proposes to divide the current lot into a 4,791 sq ft standard lot and a 8,499 sq ft flag lot. The standard lot will retain the existing house, garage, and driveway.

This land use decision only concerns the lot partition and does not cover any future development on this site. Any future proposed development on the site will go through the standard city permitting process and, if necessary, a separate land use decision.

View full details of Land Use Notice (PDF)

Cully Association of Neighbors and individuals may submit input. To share your feedback or questions with CAN, please email Zach Powers, Transportation and Land Use Chair. You may also submit feedback directly to BDS using the contact info in the land use notice.

Bureau of Development Services can only consider input related to the approval criteria for this decision:

Land Divisions in Open Space and Residential Zones: See section 33.660.120.