Bureau of Development Services (BDS) opened public input for a proposal to remove pavement and replace a paved parking lot with a play area for a daycare at Morning Star Church at 4927 NE 55th Ave.

The church hosts Pequeñitos Childcare, which has 90 daycare students. The church plans to work with Depave to to remove roughly 18,000 square feet of paved parking lot south of the church building on the site to create a children’s play area, garden area, outdoor seating and more.

The parking area that the proposed unpaved area will replace is currently unused. The church will retain 29 off street parking spaces. Reducing the approved parking capacity from its current 94 spaces to the proposed 29 spaces requires an adjustment decision from BDS.

View full details of Land Use Notice (PDF)

Cully Association of Neighbors and individuals may submit input. To share your feedback or questions with CAN, please email Zach Powers, Transportation and Land Use Chair. You may also submit feedback directly to BDS using the contact info in the land use notice.

Bureau of Development Services can only consider input related to the approval criteria for this decision:

Institutional and Other Uses in Residential and Campus Institutional Zones: See section 33.815.105.A-E.