The US Market chain is in the permitting process for opening a convenience store, coffee shop, and gas station at 6551 NE 47th Ave. Ronald James Ped Architect, PC submitted the final implementation plan for the site to Cully Association of Neighbors. US Market plans to build according to the standards for the zoning and building codes for this site, so there is no land use decision or review process. US Market is simply informing the neighborhood of the upcoming project. The building and public works permits are still under review, so there is no specific timetable for construction yet.

See the attached documents below to read the full implementation plan. Kevin Gerlits, an architect working for Ronald James Ped Architect, PC, attended the CAN Transportation and Land Use meeting on December 20, 2022 to discuss the project. The meeting summary is also attached.

US Market Cover Sheet

US Market Final Implementation Program 3.1.24

US Market CAN Meeting Summary 12.20.22