Meeting begins at 6:16pm.
• Members present: Rich, Mac, Annette, Claire.
• Public Comments
• CAN Newsletter
o New printer possible. Morel Ink? Michael De Marco to be liaison.
 CAN Newsletter not their standard type of business
o Columbia Blvd – Mollett Printing – check on it
o Need to replace Mac within 1-2 months; Denny’s job.
o Concordia merging on hold.
 Too many differences between Concordia and Cully; Our neighborhood is already large.
 There are some commonalities: planes, 42nd avenue, former track meet proposal that did not go through. Perhaps a possibility to join for a special issue, but not enough common goals to join permanently.
o Discussion about future of newsletter: smaller, less costly?
o At last general meeting, Laura mentioned finding a grant about funding the newsletter.
o Lynette doing good job as editor; our newsletter is high quality.
Meeting Agendas
• CAN General Meeting March 12
o Who will run the meeting? Laura is Chair; Mac will put meeting together.
o No mayor.
o Bolt Fabrics @ Jane Doe building? (10 minutes)
o Oak Leaf : Gabe Triplet to present (15 minutes)
 Jordan (project manager w/ property manager)
 Nicolette (Social Worker)
o Cully Cleanup
 Announce it will be happening; Seeking volunteers. How it will be organized
o EMCSWCD presentation
o ? Other ideas:
 Employment/Training Center
• What are the plans for that site? Any development?
• Abdul (director) came and spoke at last meeting – possible there are more changes?
 Old Salt Marketplace: Brewery from Eugene will move in.
 Mae’s moving to 42nd
• CAN General Meeting April
o Election at April Meeting – Use of Slate
 Short spiels ~1min/candidate.
 ~15 minutes.
o Cully Cleanup – most important at this meeting
 Josh is lead
 Rich is in charge of general volunteers
o ? Invite someone from Metro to talk about green cleaning to reduce toxins going into water. Toxins in body care products.
o ? Speaker from Whitaker Ponds: Activities for Spring/Summer
o Suk Re?
• CAN General Meeting May
o Eudaly/Hardesty
 Ask their positions on homelessness, lead into the next meeting centered on homelessness?
• CAN General Meeting June
o ? Mayor: David
o ? Director of Multnomah County Shelters (Warming/Disaster) – willing to speak to educate about shelters/disaster relief centers. “Just in time” trainings for community members and leaders.
 Tie in homelessness topics?
• Denny’s homeless project similar to Neighbors Helping Neighbors – would require many volunteers
• City’s homeless director: what different agencies are doing & development of the big project @ burnside bridge? Triage center/services: follow up on these projects? Garbage pickup, cleanups? Homer Williams?
o ? Debbie Kafuri – County Chair. Health Services
 Measles Epidemic/Vaccinations
o ? Sushayla Jayapal – County Commissioner. First South Asian to hold county office in Oregon; Wide background for foster care, underserved communities, keynote speaker for upcoming Women’s March. Her sister is congressional representative. She came to the Sledge the Shack; came to Seastar Bakery recently. She is engaging the community.
o ? New Parks and Rec Director: previous director of Staten Island, Elenda
o Volunteer Appreciation.
 Laura – after new Chair elected.
 Laura H. – PSAC, lots of volunteer time.
 Greg Sotir – Air
 Cully Cleanup appreciation
 Food, flowers, acknowledgements, celebration. More than certificates of appreciation. Small gifts personalized to their hobbies for special recognition.
Other Topics
• How are roles determined: Land Use/Transportation/Parks
o Rich joined as parks rep because of professional expertise
o Steve Yett: was land use previously. Now David.
o At large positions can be assigned at the president/board’s discretion.
o Annette wants to focus on Emergency Preparedness/resiliency, but also very involved with CHAT.
o Rich: The Chair should run meetings and board meetings. Mac has been organizing meeting programming as Vice Chair. Chair is slightly absent.
 Mac: flexible delegations seem ok.
• Election at April meeting – Use of Slate
o At the March meeting
 present the list that Isha compiled of all volunteers running for positions as a written compilation – printouts/projection?
 Put a list out near the signup sheet for people to sign up for candidacy.
 Someone (Isha?) should announce the list of candidates, say that it is open for anyone to run for office, can add their name to the slate now.
o Opens possibility to engage candidates that may be defeated to be involved on the board.
o Person running for Rich’s term will have 1 year left. All 9 positions will be up for election.
• Cully Cleanup
o Josh appointed leaders to all major categories.
o Isha/Rich volunteer leadership.
 Isha: leads for cleanup
• All day/ half day leads. Laura H. committed & others.
 Rich: general volunteers
• Needs 125 volunteers (had 69 last year) for things like: setup, traffic direction, greeters, cashiers, floating, sorters, dumpster (32), yard sale (17), food (3)
o Talk to high schools; motorcycle club; Solutions Motorcycle Group & other recovery community groups – need other ideas for who to contact
o Announcement in March/April with full strategy of how to run the cleanup.
o Signup on the CAN website – form
o Josh will meet with individual leads to organize everything
o Newsletter already printed; has a box about the cleanup. ¼ or 1/3 of a page for the online newsletter available.
Annette moves to adjourn. Rich seconds. Meeting adjourned at 7:58
Action Items
• Check on Mollett Printing
• Reach out to PCC/PSU about graphic designers/journalists for CAN Newsletter
• Annette: check on potential availability for June for Multnomah shelter director? Sushayla Jayapal
• Rich: Talk to josh about what to put in the spot available for the Cully online newsletter for the Cully Cleanup.
• Rich: Invite Whitaker Ponds director – new person.
• David: see if the mayor can speak this year
• ?: Print slate of candidates for March meeting
• ?: Who do we recognize in June at our volunteer appreciation for their help? What do we give them?