Cully Association of Neighbors Board Meeting March 27, 2018, 4779 NE Going St,
6 – 8 pm
Board Members Present: Mac McKinlay, David Sweet, Jake Antles, Rich Gunderson, Josh Heumann, Stephanie Neely, Laura Young and Julie Granger.
Community Members Present: Danielle Walker, Annette Pronk and Denny Karas.
Welcome and Introductions: Those present introduced themselves.
Public Comment Period: Danielle Walker, resident from NE Emerson, came to talk with the board about moving forward cooperatively on the potential 57th Avenue LID on her street. The LID that had been proposed which CAN supported with a letter, has been withdrawn. Ms Walker was unhappy with the letter CAN board contesting the closure of the street. Ms. Walker, who owns a long lot along NE 57th, stated that her assessment was too high for her family to financially bear and that the family had not planned for the financial burden of it. Ms Walker stated that about 20 people have been meeting at her house to explore other options than what the original LID proposed. They are no longer planning to ask PBOT to close or privatize the road. They still would like to see the road closed to cars and be used for bikes and pedestrians but they realize there may be a need for some level of vehicle access as there is an Elder Care Facility nearby. The Walker’s are still wondering if there are other traffic diversions that could be explored. They are expecting to hear back from PBOT on 4/2 and plan to have a meeting on 4/3. Danielle invited anyone from the board who would like to attend to please do so.
Denny Karas noted that CAN website needs to be updated particularly board member information. Julie recommended that once the new board is elected in April a board member should have oversight of the website. Chris has done a great job with the new website. Jake volunteered to contact Chris and work with him on the website .
Laura asked about the time of the board meeting. After a brief discussion it was decided to continue Board Meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 6 to 8 pm.
April General Meeting Agenda:
Elections will be held for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and for two members at large (Rich Gunderson and Josh Heumann positions). Laura will make ballot. Julie will contact Laura Hallett about running for secretary.
There will be a presentations on recycling and community supported agriculture
David will give an update on the Residential Infill Project. CAN commented on the October 2017 draft, new updated draft to be released April 2. There will be another comment period. David will hold Land Use meetings on April 5th and 17th for further discussion on the new draft and determination if CAN wants to make further comments. David will draft an outline or letter for the April general meeting. Board will finalize CAN input at Board meeting on April 24th. People who want more information than what is given in the General Meeting update will be encouraged to attend the April 17th Land Use meeting.
Jarret Street development: (NE Jarret and 43rd) Owner has an R10 lot and wants to build three dwelling units on it. He has been told by the City that he would need to rezone it to R2, but they do not “spot zone” individual lots. He enlisted the owners on either side of him to join in a rezoning proposal. They do not want to develop their lots, but are willing to cooperate with him on a rezoning proposal. CAN received information of Pre application conference. David talked with owner and shared with him how the Residential Infill Project could potentially help him to build three units on his lot without the major expense of his proposed zone change.
Laura spoke about a Federal program creating ‘Opportunity Zones’ which are designed to attract outside investment to low income neighborhoods by eliminating capital gains taxes on real estate and commercial investments. This could create more gentrification for our neighborhood. A number of neighborhood organizations, Verde, Living Cully, Habitat for Humanity, Cully Blvd Alliance, Our 42nd Avenue and St Charles have composed a letter to our governor requesting that Cully not be designated as an Opportunity Zone. After some discussion David Sweet moved that CAN give their support to this letter, second by Stephanie Neely. Laura will send CAN logo and signature to be included on letter. She will send Julie the letter for our records and Julie will send to Chris for the CAN website. Julie will also have copies made for the general meeting.
May meeting scheduled: Mac has things lined up for this meeting.
Cully Clean Up: Planning is coming along fine. Volunteers are needed. There is a links on CAN website for volunteers and information on what can and cannot be brought for disposal.
Community support requests:
Friends of Trees Support Letter: Starr Hogeboom wrote a letter to CAN requesting a donation of $50 which will be used as a donation to NAYA for the use of their facilities for the Cully tree planting on March 31, 2018.
Josh Neumann moved that CAN send $50 to Friends of Trees, second by Mac McKinlay.
Temporary Occupancy Support Letter: Denny Karas asked for a letter of support from CAN about a temporary occupancy of a Tiny House in the parking lot of Jane Dough and John Dough properties. This letter was to present to a neighbor of the property. After discussion the board stated that per CAN bylaws CAN does not get involved in neighbor to neighbor issues.
CAN Outreach Plan: Laura talked about the need for outreach to the community. Jake said he would work on utilizing CAN’s website and Facebook to reach out. Julie also mentioned that she has been sending the names and phone numbers of new attendees at the General meeting so Jake can reach out to them.
Other Business: Denny Karas reported on the first meeting on the Homelessness Committee at CNN. Representatives from 8 neighborhoods attended. Caitlin Burke, from ONI and Multnomah Co., who works with Home For Everyone presented on the state of this issue in the city. Three people from Dignity Village also attended. Alison Stoll facilitated the meeting and the focus at present is to educate the committee members on the issues surrounding homelessness. Denny said he is working on finding safe overnight parking lots in Cully industrial zone that might be able to help.
Approval of Board Meeting Minutes taken January 23, 2018: David Sweet moved to accept the Board Minutes for January 23, 2018, second by Josh Neumann. Motion carried.
Approval of Board Meeting Minutes taken February 27, 2018: David Sweet moved to accept the Board Minutes for February 27, 2018, second by Mac McKinlay. Motion carried.
Josh Neumann moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Rich Gunderson. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Julie Granger