Physical Distance Opportunity!

For a walk in the fresh air, try this: The Rigler School Arboretum (mostly in back of Rigler Elementary School). Pictures attached.

This pop-up exhibit has pulled together all sorts of Cully neighborhood participants. Information about each tree, as a species and the individual tree, often in personal story form, appears in English and Spanish. The signs will be up all summer.

Two best ways to get in are along 52nd Ave. There’s another one on 55th, at the north end of the field. There are also 4 signed trees in the front of the school, competing with construction equipment for visibility. Be sure to pick up one of the booklets in the box attached to the fence at each of the three entrances. The Rigler playing field is not officially “off-leash” for dogs, but it is used, usually responsibly, for that.

And take a look at what Portland’s Urban Forestry Division says about it: (scroll all the way down to “Rigler School Arboretum”)